Tim Maiura

A Bit About Myself

Originally from upstate NY and a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, I moved to Charlotte in 2008 to get away from the cold and to be with my lovely wife Colleen. We built a beautiful home in Davidson and have since taken in two crazy dogs: a french bulldog named Stella and a lab-mix named Lola. In 2014, we grew our family once again with the birth of our son Hudson.

I have a great sense of humor and love traveling to the Caribbean and anywhere tropical.


While I enjoy creating great experiences for customers when I’m at work, I love spending my free time relaxing, cooking up culinary delights and spending time outdoors.

A loaf of bread


To me, cooking for someone is showing them how much you love them and I always enjoy seeing the smile on someone’s face after they’ve eaten a meal I prepared.

Hiking in the South Mountains


From the the first time I read the book My Side of the Mountain, I fell in love with nature and wanted to experience as much of it as I could.

When I’m not cooking, I can be found with my wife and two dogs taking a day trip on one of the many different trails in North Carolina.

Charlotte Motor Speedway


There’s something about watching the intense sport of racing, drivers battling others at 200+ MPH that I’m obsessed with.

I often visit an outdoor go-kart track in Mooresville, NC to get my fix of speed and adrenaline.

References: What’s It Like Working With Me?

“Tim is a great, solid interaction designer with the ability to truly contribute to a cross-functional team. With an excellent understanding of how research, information architecture, visual & interaction design, content and front-end development all contribute to user experience, Tim brings a discipline-spanning awareness to solution conversations that challenge, affirm, and help push teams in the right direction, toward the best possible design and system.”
Christian Manzella, VP of UX & Design at Moz, Co-Founder at GIANT UX

“Tim has one of those rare qualities that every UX team should want. He is able to logically analyze an interface from the customer’s perspective and provide elegant and beautifully designed solutions around the problem. Tim is analytical, creative and driven to provide the best customer experience.”
Dustin Ledo, Sr. UX Designer at TIAA-CREF

Getting In Touch With Me

Would you like to learn a bit more about me or discuss your favorite BBQ recipe? I’d love to chat more about how I could help your organization, so send me an email at tim@timmaiura.com