One of my favorite projects while at Lowe’s was a redesign of site. The company had just come out with a new tagline and a colorful and simple palette to match it.

The only direction we were given was that we had to use the new brand colors and tagline and that everything else was blue sky. A co-worker and I got together and started bouncing different ideas off of each other, ranging from design to new interaction patterns.

Simple Elements & Components

We started by designing all of the different elements and components that we’d need so that everything would be consistent and help influence the design of the site.

Applying The Style

Once we had the elements and components designed the way we wanted, we started to apply them to different pages to see how everything fit together. If we needed to, we would go back and tweak the elements.


At the end of the project, we had redesigned 20 of the top viewed areas of the site, created a library that housed all of the different patterns, interaction notes, style guide and all of the code to go along with the pieces. It even had a working prototype on each page so that users could see how things worked to make sure they were using it correctly.