Novak Design

In the winter of 2013, my friend Ken Novak came to me needing a fresh identity for his newly formed landscape company. He wanted something modern, unique, and playful to convey his beautiful designs.

To kick off this project, I started with competitive research to get a feel for what businesses in the area were doing in the online space. Based off the research of local companies and inspiration from national brands, I curated several mood boards and began sketching ideas.


I looked at different landscape products and tools commonly used in outdoor spaces. I looked at organic shapes such as leaves, natural bark and tree trunks. Nothing was off-limits and whatever I saw that was interesting, I’d quickly sketch it to have it as a reference.


After sketching, I began to pull together an overall feel in Illustrator. After drafting upwards of 100 designs, I scaled back to the strongest three directions.

The Final Logo